About Automating Business

Analysis Services

  • User Requirements - We work with and interview the system users and other stakeholders in an organization to capture and document system pain points, new requirements, and enhancement suggestions so the organization can plan for product acquisitions or system upgrade projects.
  • System Requirements - Systems rarely stand alone in today's works.¬† The system requirements include information about environments, platforms, networks, user interface standards, and API integration / middleware¬†requirements.
  • Data Requirements - There are databases behind every application and data transfers between integrated applications that need data requirements gathering and documentation.
  • Process Requirements - Workflows help organization provide a consistent implementation of business processes and enable opportunities for automation.

Systems Architecture

  • Network Architecture
  • Database Architecture
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Systems Integration Architecture
  • Workflow Process Architecture
  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence Architecture

Systems Integration

  • Data Integration
  • Process Integration
  • Applications Integration
  • Cloud Integration
  • Workflow Process Integration
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration

Systems Migrations

  • Data Migration
  • Application Migration